“We have used Webshipr for more than 2 year for automating fullfillment and logistics – We will never use anything else.

The system is saving us many hours every week at the warehouse, and will continue to do so as it is a top nodge solution that works!”

Christian Møller
Marketing Director,

“We have been very happy with the switch to Webshipr fullfillment and have experienced amazing support.

The new Webshipr orderflow enable us to increase our fullfillment speed by 50% and all in all save us alot of time.”

Christian Damgaard

“Webshipr automates our entire orderflow with automated shipping and fulfillment and provides great support when needed.

We are simply getting an easier way of handling our orders, and it enables us to speed up the growth of our business

Tommas Olsen
CEO & Partner,

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